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Pre-Sales Analyst Support

CopierNerds Pre-Sales Analyst Support gives your sales staff a dedicated contact to work with. We work to match your customers wants, needs and budget with your companies sales offerings and value.

Technical Know How

Let sales SELL! Your sales team should understand the concepts but there’s no need to make them learn the technical ins and outs of every solution. Let our team and your sales rockstars guide your customer to the solution they envision. 


Proposal Support

Give your sales team the confidence to take on any proposal. Our team have worked with hundreds of clients from 1 copier to a hundreds of devices utilizing complex 3rd party solutions. 


Dedicated Contact

Let your sales staff work with someone they can feel comfortable with and can help them along the way. Your dedicated contact will work with your staff member and there client thru the entire process. 

Find Out How

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Take customer support to the next level


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